About AimLaser

With a registered capital of RMB10million, Aiming Laser Technology Co., Ltd. (briefly named AimLaser) manufactures diode laser modules for OEM instrument applications since its foundation in 2012. Products are available for free space and fiber coupled lasers with wavelength ranges from 405nm to 980nm and output power 0.4mW to 6000mW.

AimLaser main products are laser diode modules, Powell lens uniformity line laser modules, pigtailed coaxial fiber coupled laser modules, single color and multi-color Corning light diffusing fiber laser sources, laser line generator; and also gun laser shooting accessories like firearm dry fire training laser simulator or laser trainer or laser bullet, universal laser bore sights, pistol laser sights etc.

Featured with compact size, low power consumption, high reliability and stability designs, our lasers have been successfully used in a wide range of

applications like industrial positioning and surveying systems, environmental instruments, detecting equipment, medical laser instrument, barcode scanner, law enforcement, military defense devices and laser tools etc.

By full compliance with ISO9001:2008, FDA IEC.GB standard, we are assuring our customer with high quality products and timely delivery on the basis of our rich industry experience, good technology, innovative R&D engineering team and world-class manufacturing facility.

Share your ideas with us, our experienced skillful and dedicated technical staff will help you to solve your design problems and help to customize products for your special applications.

Who is AimLaser?

A. Over 8 years laser experience since foundation in 2012.

B. Large-scaled facility and over 200 professional staffs.

C. Use original LDs from Arima, Osram, Nicha to guarantee reliability.

D. Strictly following ISO9001:2008 quality system.

E. Product conforms to FDA, IEC and GB standard.

We provide one year waranty for all our products. If damages caused due to our quality problems, we will repair free of charge.  If damages caused due to customer improper operation, we will repair with less charge based on the cost.
Normal product lead time is within 2 weeks. If samples require special PCB designs or housing machining, it will take 1-2 more weeks.
For goods export to other countries, we often use FedEx, DHL, UPS to ensure a fast delivery; domestic transport we use Shentong, Zhongtong and Shunfeng.

Our Certificates

Quality Systems ISO9001:2008
FDA Approval for Red, Green and IR Lasers
Product conforms ROHS, CE, GB standards
Got 9 patents