Machine Vision System Key Manufacturers:

  • Cognex
  • Basler
  • KEYENCE Corporation
  • National Instruments
  • Sony
  • Teledyne Technologies
  • Texas Instruments
  • Intel
  • Baumer Optronic
  • Tordivel
  • MVTec Software
  • SICK
  • JAI A/S
  • Other

 Smart Camera-Based Machine Vision System Application fields:

  • Automotive
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Electronics & Semiconductor
  • Printing
  • Metals
  • Wood & Paper
  • Food & Packaging
  • Rubber & Plastics
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Glass
  • Machinery

 Industrial Smart Camera Machine Vision System Main Market:

  1. North America: S, Mexico, Canada
  2. Europe: UK, France, Germany
  3. Asia Pacific:China, Japan, India
  4. Latin America: Brazil
  5. The Middle East and Africa

Aiming Laser Technology (Brand “AimLaser”) produces machine vision laser sources–Uniform Line Laser Modules, which use high quality Powell lens and possess characteristics of compact size, high stability and reliability. The thinnest line can be 10um; fan angle is optional from 10°to 90° and wavelength from 405nm to 850nm. The input voltage is also various from 3V to 12V DC.

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