※  What is Laser Bore Sight?

The laser bore sight is used to align firearm barrel and sight before shooting by illuminating the aim point with a laser beam at a particular distance. It’s a method of boresighting which allows more movement in the gun without remove the bolt, so makes gun optical zeroing much faster.

There are two types of laser bore sights. One is chamber in laser bore sight shaped like a cartridge; another is universal laser bore sight and is attached to the muzzle of the barrel, either by inserting into the bore with different arbors or a magnet.

※  How to use a Laser Bore Sight Cartridge?

The laser boresighters become popular for sighting in rifles, pistols, and shotguns.

You can insert the cartridge laser boresighters into the chamber, it will projects a laser beam through the barrel onto the target. The user then adjusts the rifle scope until the crosshairs are on the projected laser dot.

※  Why use a Laser Bore Sight?

Using laser bore sighters to accurately sight in your firearm before real shooting can help to save ammunition, time and your hard earned money.