※ What is Dry Fire Training Laser Bullet?

The dry fire training laser bullet is designed for home shooting practice to response the Laser Trainer Target System.

Built to fit inside chamber of pistols and rifles, the Dry Fire Laser Bullet simulates the bullet impact with a red laser dot on paper target or laser target. Each time the firing pin strikes the hardened rubber switch; the Laser Trainer Cartridge is activated and light on for 50 milliseconds then off.

Featuring rimless back and fire pin activated rubber plunger design, the laser trainer ensures a more stable and accurate fire down the firearm barrel and will not ejected by the firearm.

The most popular Laser Trainer Cartridges are 9mm laser bullet, 45 ACP laser bullet, 40 S&W laser bullet, 38 Special laser bullet, 380 ACP laser bullet, 223 laser bullet or 5.56mm laser bullet. Still we have over 40 calibers available, together with replacement spare part switches or End-Caps.

Last over 1,500 shots and match phone laser apps like “iTarget”, “Idryfire”; you can enjoy a safe and effective dry fire shooting training at home with our Laser Training Cartridge.